Make Up Charters

By: Pickle
3/9/2019 7:39 AM

Hi Folks. I get inquiries for and about Make-up or Split Charters each year and thought I would share my thoughts from a Charterboat Captain's perspective. First Make-up Charters are a great way to get out fishing when you have only a few people and don't have the budget for a "Whole" Charter. Unfortunately, too many are disappointed when they can't secure a Make-up trip. There are so many variables that enter into putting together a Make-up trip. Time of year, inflexibility of dates, type of trip, number of people and naturally budget. The first thing to understand is that no Charter boat reserves dates for Make-up trips. They are fill in trips, generally made up at the last minute. It is not like a Head boat where they fish everyday on a per head reservation basis. An example of what Captains face is 3 groups one with 3 and the others with 2 each. The 3 person group wants to fish Tuesday and the other 2 groups on Friday. Even if you could put them together you have 7 which is against CG regulations. You convince a 2 and 3 person group to go together, but they will not split the full cost of the charter, normally split by 6 people. Guess what, nobody goes! Now various Marinas and Tackle Shops put trips together and generally they have a bit more "traffic" to accomplish this. But what happens when they get Advance requests in March for Make-ups in June, none in the same week. Some will say wait till June, some will take a deposit, knowing full well they may not be able to put a trip together. Oh well. The moral of the story is be prepared to wait till the last minute. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, in other words don't pay up front without a guarantee and get locked into a Marina or specific Boat. Lastly be very flexible with your dates and the biggest consideration is to be prepared to pay more than the usual per head charge if only 3 or 4 people can be matched up. Just sayin!. Good fishing to you all. Oh by the way, I have 2 people for May 31st Offshore at $325 per person based on 6. PM me.

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