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Selecting A Charter Boat

By: Pickle
4/26/2019 7:30 AM

I just received a PM which described a problem that is very common on the Outer Banks. I thought I would share this with you all in hopes that it will help you all. As you all know the Outer Banks is a Fishing Mecca and offers many different types of fishing. In the area of charter boats there is quite a selection of boats of all shapes and sizes. However, here's the problem, is the boat you select right for your party or type of fishing? The PM described the frustration that this family experienced when they found out their family of 6, including three children up to 12 and a 75 year old Grandma, chartered a small (around 24 feet), open outboard powered boat. The Boat had no shelter and the Head was a Porta Potty under a forward seat. They had no room to move around and unfortunately had some light rain. Some might say "Let The Buyer Beware" However, these smaller charter or some say guide boats do offer some great fishing opportunities, but are not always suitable for your party. As a Charter Boat owner I have seen the power of Advertising and Technology. Many great WebSites that come up very high in internet searches are for these smaller boats. Nothing wrong in that. The point I'm making is please understand what you are chartering. Children need room to move around. Elderly people need a comfortable, if not stable fishing platform. Chartering a boat is not as easy as one might think. Get all the info you can and match it to your Party, Fishing Expectations and of course Budget. Just sayin!

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By: Sandglass
4/26/2019 11:19 AM

Good advice. We’ve chartered a few times in Oregon Inlet and Hatteras on different types of boats. Large boats, the Albatross fleet, and small guide boats. In all cases the captain/guide contacted us before the trip to make sure we knew what to expect on their boat. The guide boat was very clear - not a fancy boat, no portapotty, no shade etc. that’s we wanted for that trip so no problem. To Pickle’s point - do t be afraid to call and ask about the experience, amenities, etc.