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Inshore charter for 2nd wk July

By: sjnsvcs
5/5/2019 7:02 PM

Hi all-

1st time posting here. Lots of great contributors here!

We are staying in Corolla again this July. We are 3 families, with 11, yes, 11 folks wanting to fish this year. Considering the crew and number of newbies, this will likely be a 1/2 day inshore trip.

I am looking for help based around the following parameters:
We need 3 boats
Prefer an AM trip
Preferably w/in 1 hour of Corolla
Not interested in clamming......
Our available dates are 7/8-12

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


By: Pickle
5/6/2019 8:56 AM

Good Morning From The Outer Banks:

Most people know me on this site and I like to give very detailed information to make the right decisions on fishing, regardless of type. For the record I own and operate a Charter Boat out of Wanchese. I will send you a PM with specifics. However, I want to give you some basic info to your questions. This info could be used by anybody seeking a charter. First you don't need 3 boats for 11 people. All Full Size Charter Boats are licensed by the Coast Guard for 6 passengers. Notice I said "Full Size". There are many smaller Outboard powered charter/guide boats that range in size from 18 feet to 30 feet. Most of these boats, especially the smaller ones can not handle 6 people. They do not have cabins or shelter, their Head facilities can be very limited and not so private and especially for small children, no room to move around. For 11 people you want two standard sized boats 35' and up for comfort, stability and amenities. Corolla, is at least from 55 minutes to 65 minutes away from any of the main Marinas and Charter Fleets that fish the Ocean. The three main marinas are (in alpha order) with travel time from Corolla OBX Marina (60 Minutes), OIFC (65 Minutes), Pirates Cove (55 minutes). Your boat selections for Half Day Inshore Ocean fishing will number about 30 boats. Prices for full size boats will range from $550 to $650 without a gratuity for Mate and Fish Cleaning Services. Half Day trips can be 4 Hours or 6 Hours (some say 3/4 day). I hope this helps. Look for my PM later.

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By: Pickle
5/7/2019 5:03 PM

Sometimes fitting the right charter (Boat, Type of Fishing, Marina Location, Fishing Experience etc) is not easy. Please ask any and all questions.