Charter fishing

By: WaltersMom
8/15/2019 2:10 PM

Hi (again) -

On September 7th we arrive in Hatteras Village (near ferry) and my husband is really interested in a 1/2 day inshore (morning) fishing charter and also a off-shore charter. Any day during that week we are there would work fine, as we have no plans.

He is fine renting the whole boat (if need be) for the in-shore, however, he was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for joining a "Make-up" deep sea charter? (the price is too steep for him to go that alone) Are there any fishing charters that do a full-day or 1/2 day deep sea charter? And, any recommendations for the 1/2 inshore fishing?

Thanks, as always!


By: Pickle
8/15/2019 3:12 PM

See my post on the main Message site. You use the word Deep Sea. That term is very subjective and not really used commonly to describe trips on the Outer Banks. I can only assume you are talking about Offshore/Gulfstream fishing for Tuna/Dolphin/Marlin. These trips are Full Day trips normally leaving 5AM and returning after 4 PM. Half day trips are Inshore. Now depending on boat/marinas/Captain, Inshore can be both Ocean and Sound whereas some boats will differentiate between Ocean and Sound fishing. Most Sound fishing will he from small, open outboard powered skiffs. Please make sure you know what kind of fishing you want to do. Just sayin, it's not as easy as most people think. Then there are those who just want to go fishing, species and boat size, location doesn't mean anything and their budget will determine what type of trip. Good luck.

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By: WaltersMom
8/15/2019 3:18 PM

Thanks Pickle - He wants to do a private 1/2 inshore trip and a full day offshore. The inshore he will do alone, but he wants to try and join a group for the offshore. He really doesn't have a budget, per se.....Just knows that he would rather jump on with a few other guys and split the cost for the full day of offshore fishing. He also does not want to fish for sport...he wants to fish for dinners! (so no sail fish, shark, etc.)

will reply in the main thread also, just trying to get some tips on where to begin for the make-up trip.