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Anna Gartrell Photography

By: Wanda1999
8/26/2019 1:58 PM

Does anyone remember Anna Gartrell? She had a photography shop in Nags Head years ago. My family fell in love with her and her photography. We even had her over for dinner a few times when we came for vacation. I have several of her photographs that are signed. We are getting older and our grown children aren't interested in them. Would there be any interest in the Outer Banks for her photography?
I would appreciate any feedback!!!!

Thank you!!!
Vicki Cline


By: Banks68
8/26/2019 5:01 PM

I and also a friend are interested.
Could you PM me with details!

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By: Wanda1999
8/26/2019 6:48 PM

I have 3 of her signed photographs. My son that lives in Myrtle Beach also has 3 of her signed photographs. How do I send you pictures of these by PM on this site?