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Sharks from the beach

By: Flocknocker
10/13/2019 9:16 PM

I am from WV and love to catch sharks from the beach. If I made a trip to the outer banks in December or January what are the chances of hooking up. Also what is the best time of year to catch sharks from the beach in the outer banks?


By: Pickle
10/14/2019 1:13 PM

That is really tough fishing, actually a specialty. There should be somebody who has first hand knowledge. Winter would not be prime time. The best place would be the Point and Southern Hatteras Island. It's generally night time fishing with heavy Tackle. No spinning rods, you'll get spooled. You Kayak a chunk of Tuna carcass or head out beyond the breakers.


By: John Bull
10/23/2019 3:47 PM

The joke I have heard is that the best way to catch sharks is to fish for drum. Fishing for drum you can hook up with sandtigers and sandbar sharks pretty frequently. The tricky part is getting them in to the beach without them biting the line off or breaking it off! Like Pickle said, down near the point you see folks kayak baits out beyond the outer sandbar into deeper water to catch sharks. In addition to the two kinds I mentioned I've seen spinners and heard of hammerheads and blacktips being caught. I haven't seen one, but I've got to imagine that there are bull sharks out there too.