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Slow down for water in KH road!

By: KHbiker
10/17/2019 10:25 AM

Just a message to all those who live in KH Landing, or anywhere west of the little bridge being replaced on KH Road. Lately the sound water level has been high and so we have the "normal" puddles along KH road, both before and after the bridge.

Please, please go slow through the water, especially when cars are going by in the other lane! I was waiting at the temporary light (westbound) this morning (~9:15) and a school bus came by WAY too fast, splashing water up my car and on those behind me. The car behind him was going just as fast. I yelled out the window for them to slow down but I had to close the window so I wouldn't get soaked as the water splashed up.

Please go dead slow through the puddles.