The Pillow

By: dannik508
12/6/2019 8:59 PM

So I'm sitting on the couch enjoying a Jameson and becoming very relaxed when I became a pillow.

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By: nicki
12/6/2019 9:31 PM

Me too. And her head is heavy! My old hound is next to her.
Sorry about the lighting. I have the lights out enjoying my christmas tree. smiley

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By: Dhart
12/6/2019 9:57 PM

Dang, love to be a pillow about right now.


By: PaulOinMA
12/7/2019 6:49 AM

And you're a warm pillow now that it's winter. My male cat is in my lap more when I am on the computer since I don't have the thermostat too high in the house.


By: J4yDubs
12/7/2019 6:05 PM

Wouldn't have it any other way.

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