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Pandemic weight gain

By: NCSU Dad
3/30/2020 9:40 AM

I can identify with this.

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By: ThomasTiger
4/4/2020 1:01 AM

I haven't stepped on a scale, but I feel like I'm probably consuming far fewer calories, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'd lost a couple of pounds these last 3+ weeks off the stay-at-home order here in CT.

I was already not getting enough exercise, so I'm probably not that far off from my norm on that measurement!

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By: MikeD84
4/4/2020 10:23 AM

Funny. I'm actually going in the opposite direct and down just shy of 10lbs since our stay at home order.


By: cperl1987
4/9/2020 12:33 PM

Would be nice to have a FREE beach-side class people could attend, like a boot camp, yoga, Tai Chi, whatever, as long as we're 6 or more feet apart right? I miss my gym, but important to keep moving I think.


By: PaulOinMA
4/14/2020 10:09 AM

Funny. I'm actually going in the opposite direct and down just shy of 10lbs since our stay at home order.


I'm losing weight, too. Using this as an opportunity to eat up food we have in the pantry and freezer.

Have a wedding in Newport, RI to attend in July, I hope. I know what I weighed when I bought some suits in 2005, and it isn't what I weigh now. Need to lose some more weight before I try on the suits. Theeth smiley

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By: dannik508
4/15/2020 8:50 AM

Currently getting estimates for widening the doorways in the house. Being proactive.

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By: AstaBago
6/23/2020 10:03 AM

I have got much weight in this lockdown period Sad smiley due to eat more food and lack of diet control. I am feeling shy to go out now Wink smiley


By: halenajulie42
11/8/2022 7:40 AM

My table tennis routine during the pandemic days helped me to become fit but it will depend on someone's living style. If they eat healthily and exercise outside of sport, yes they have a better chance of flattening that belly out. But if someone eats oily, sugary, and high in fat products all the time and play table tennis just for fun, they won't be in as good of a shape as someone who is more careful. I read a few articles like the attached one, and I maintained my weight without a diet but I play about 10-15 hours a week. TT is a suitable exercise for me.