Midland MI area...

By: Dhart
5/20/2020 8:08 PM

I drive over Sanford Lake twice a year on the way to Ludington, and find the dam failure so hard to believe.

I just don't understand why the dam didn't have an emergency spillway. Don't know if it would have prevented disaster, but it looks like it would have been required.

This is going to be devastating for that area.

Edit: Wixom dam has complete failure; Sandford dam believed to be over-topped.


By: J4yDubs
5/23/2020 9:16 PM

The pictures and satellite images are just crazy. I get that the rains for this area are way above normal, but these private damns need to be held to the same standards as the public ones.



By: Dhart
5/23/2020 11:01 PM

Yes, big problem up there.

They have so many dams that are at risk; most privately owned. And it appears that Wixom Lake was lowered before the rains were even a thought, only to be told by the state to raise the level to protect the "mussels". Yet, that dam was a mess years ago. It should not have gotten to this point.

Another pic of what's left of Wixom lake