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Couldn't help myself

By: dannik508
7/16/2020 12:21 PM

So Last week I posted that I might not be going to Hatteras next year because of the drive that my grandkids complained about and frankly is long for me too. I said I was going to look in the NE Poconos for a place to buy and to vacation. I just got back from a few days up there looking around and I saw a couple of nice areas and houses but I just was not ready to commit to the idea though that may still happen. So this morning I looked at some houses in Frisco for late June next year. I found a few and asked my granddaughters if they would prefer an oceanfront house or one a little back with a pool. I got the expected response. The one with the pool. It is Beach&Beyond thru Midgett on Runboat Circle. Runboat Circle is great for their bike riding too.. I'm ready to go now. LOL

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By: Mstaszew
7/16/2020 2:07 PM

Nice house! The counter space in that kitchen is awesome! I love to cook and always want a place for my wife to do whatever it is she does in the kitchen, elsewhere, while I can get stuff done. That kitchen has that space.

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