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Metal detecting on the beach,

By: Rick
7/19/2020 2:51 PM

I know you can not do it on NPS property. Has anyone done this in the Nags Head area And if so did you ever find anything good?


By: SkipsterPA
7/22/2020 12:10 PM

I used to when we stayed in that area. Never anything other than change, fishing weights, and tent stakes. One time I did find a set of car keys by Jennette's pier, so we took them to the police station.


By: Elwyn
7/27/2020 6:59 PM

I used to metal detect the beach when I lived in Nags Head, many years ago. I've found toy cars, ear rings (only one of a set), a pocket knife, over 700 coins (that was over 3-4 years), junk metal rings and silver rings, toe rings, watches, LOTS of metal trash, sea glass (because of looking down a lot), and a few other things. Best places to go is beaches by motels/hotels. You get a lot of people in a fairly small area. Had several people ask me about what I was doing, and I had people try to get my finds by saying they lost something. So I learned to not tell people on the beach what I found. IF they said they lost something I would ask what they lost and where they lost it. That usually stopped them from trying to take watches or jewelry I had found because they couldn't tell me where they lost it and what they lost and what it looked like. Just remember that salt is a metal and if you go near or in the water you will get a reading, unless you metal detector will discriminate trash and such out. But you will still get a reading if you move the coil vary fast in the water(ocean). Just remember to fill in any hoes you dig and stay 2-3 feet away from anyone's set up.