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Dare Co. - Details of new cases

By: lowtide
7/25/2020 8:12 AM

Article from Island Free Press provides details of new Covid cases. Looks like approximately 20% of the cases are asymptomatic for residents and non residents alike.
How does one distinguish an asymptomatic case from a false positive result?


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By: hatterasnc
7/25/2020 1:07 PM

Remarkable. This should be a case study of how introducing 200,000 (plus or minus) weekly visitors, many from Northeast "hotspots", has a minimal effect on a population.
This is good news, indeed.

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By: Corollapop
7/25/2020 2:13 PM

That’s because they are just visitors. Everyone knows the real risk is with the NRPO’s, have to ban them again as soon as the tourist revenue starts to soften up.

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By: Greg MD
7/28/2020 7:09 PM

How many were hospitalized?

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By: lowtide
7/28/2020 7:38 PM

How many were hospitalized?[FOOTEjR=Greg MD]

Looks like none of the new cases, but two existing cases remain hospitalized.

I'm just concerned that 20% of those that test positive are either false positives or asymptomatic....seems like a lot of room for error.

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By: AbunchofCrooks
7/29/2020 2:04 AM

Unless the tests have gotten much better they are 60% accurate.

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By: Friscofan1
7/29/2020 5:14 PM

found this: the swab tests appear to be almost 100 percent accurate if performed correctly (If not performed correctly - then you would get more false negatives - not positives)

Another source: Because they detect molecules that are specific to SARS-CoV-2, the specificity of nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 is very high, meaning that a positive result can generally be trusted. Specificity of available antibody tests may vary by assay; it is important to check the validation data provided by the manufacturer and/or performing laboratory. Sensitivity of both nucleic acid tests and antibody tests is affected by number of variables. The likelihood of a false-negative result depends on both the timing of sample collection and the type of specimen collected (in the case of the molecular test).
Kirsten Meek, PhD, Medical Writer and Editor

Another source: “There are almost no false-positive tests with the RNA test,” UC Berkeley infectious disease specialist John Swartzberg told McClatchy-Tribune news service.

the antibody test accuracy is all over the place - 50% in some cases.

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By: lowtide
7/30/2020 9:12 AM

Great info and thanks for sharing. I dug deeper and also found much support for few false positive results meaning that the 20% mentioned in the article are truly asympotomatic. Good to know.

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By: obx bingy
8/3/2020 2:55 PM

Lets be realistic here the OBX is a consumer driven situation, if no visitors no income, equals a poor lively hood for the business folks and the locals, The WU FLU is here it is going to be here and there is nothing that can eradicate this. Can we take precautions yes, can we depend on the truthful information in issues dealing with this probably not just too many conflicting issues, Has a ban been put in place for visitors from the hot states with high percentages of positive covid NO too much money to be lost, Are the numbers juggled to reflect higher cases probably, again a money issue. Like I said in another post follow the money, charts and graphs are and adjusted to reflect current situations perhaps. Lets see what happens when prime vacation season is over my bet is the area is going right back to March issues.

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