Low country boil

By: J4yDubs
8/23/2020 8:39 PM

We did a small low country boil tonight. Only 5 of us, so the portions are much smaller than normal. I also decided to use the fire pit to boil it. Worked really well and the food was amazing.

Sweet Corn (local from a stand)
Crab legs

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By: J4yDubs
8/23/2020 8:41 PM

By: J4yDubs
8/23/2020 8:44 PM

By: Bill
8/24/2020 7:05 AM

I make the same variation when I do the Low Country boil with the Crab Legs.

First had this in 1986 in Beaufort SC when I was in the Marine Corps, that dish has become a part of my soul.

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By: Robert
8/24/2020 7:23 AM

Nice! We make it as well but no crab. First time I ever had it was at the Crab Shack in Tybee Island in 2009. Can't believe I had missed this dish for most of my life.

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By: Fossilridge
8/25/2020 8:24 AM

Nice J4...looks really good Beer

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