Fires in the West.

By: dannik508
9/15/2020 8:14 PM

The smoke is affecting the East coast now.


By: J4yDubs
9/17/2020 8:28 PM

Our sunrises in PA have looked a little more reddish/orange and some are saying it's because of the wildfires, but I'm not sure of that. Might just be that it's been a little cloudy the last couple days.


By: PaulOinMA
9/17/2020 8:42 PM

My wife said it was cold earlier this week in MA. NECN said the temperature drop was due to the smoke in the upper atmosphere.

I'm on, since I have a wood-burning fireplace in MA. Several guys are in the PNW and have been discussing and posting pictures.

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By: PaulOinMA
9/17/2020 8:45 PM

Sentence above should be: I'm on since I have a wood-burning fireplace INSERT in MA.

I'm not able to edit my post for some reason. I try to edit it, and the change doesn't take.