Winter exercise

By: Bobbyjames
11/24/2020 3:04 PM

1st-time post after looking for nearly a year.

Can anyone recommend good winter indoor exercises for someone in their 60s who lives in a rural area? Maybe a simple regimen to get started? Thank you.


By: PaulOinMA
11/25/2020 8:10 AM

Nordic Track skiers are very inexpensive on cragslist. They are excellent. We use ours every day for 25 years. I have three others, too. Two were free and one was very inexpensive.

Parts are readily available, too.


By: obx bingy
11/26/2020 7:10 PM

walking, got a dog they will keep you busy.

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By: gleangill78
12/16/2020 2:05 PM

Walking with dog is really nice one


By: OceanBlue
12/19/2020 5:31 PM

The OP asked for indoor exercises (outdoor, yup a dog will check the box)'s a really good regimen you can do anywhere (back when, I used to do the 4 min work out religiously on long haul flights)

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By: obx bingy
12/20/2020 7:58 PM

Walk the dog around your living room Clapping smiley