By: Robert
12/10/2020 7:10 AM

The bottom line is valid. Just wear a mask.

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By: J4yDubs
12/10/2020 12:22 PM

Good graphic! Someone should update the peeing one so it makes sense to some people...

Pants, shirts, shoes...Okay...Masks...Constitutional rights! Laughing smiley

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By: Aliphatic
12/10/2020 1:21 PM

We ditched the cloth masks a while ago and got two of these for ourselves:

Click to follow link...

I love it. It’s comfortable to wear, makes an excellent seal, is easily cleaned with 70% isopropanol, and people tend to give you a little more space at the grocery store.

I’ve seen a few folks sporting 3M half face dual P100 cartridge respirators, too.


By: Greg MD
12/10/2020 1:29 PM

And since the seasonal flu is at record lows this year, covid is now spreading like wildfire... what? wait a minute...

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By: NCSU Dad
12/10/2020 2:06 PM

The bottom line is valid. Just wear a mask.


I was in the KDH Walgreens checking out and the guy checking out in front of me was maskless. The cashier asked me to input the usual stuff in the keypad and I refused to touch it. I figure anyone who won't wear a mask also doesn't wash their hands.

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By: B_Pur
12/10/2020 2:21 PM

This is from July and still valid.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) In a wide-ranging interview, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar discussed everything from Russian attempts to steal vaccine research to efforts to stop local COVID-19 cases and a path to starting school in the fall.

He also repeatedly encouraged wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

Azar was asked if more federal coordination is needed to prevent new surges in states such as Pennsylvania that have had success against the virus.

"So there's a very clear roadmap that our mayors and governors can and should follow that we've been working with them on, which is: if you have appropriate social distancing, people wear face-covering when they're in public and when they can't appropriately social distance. You close your bars if you're in a red or yellow zone, restrict indoor dining to 25 percent or below. You restrict social gatherings in the home to 10 or fewer," Azar said.

"We've actually modeled that you will see a decline in cases that is comparable, not quite as much, but comparable to shutting down or sheltering in place. You just have to have good discipline. We need to all do our part in this. Wear our face coverings and we can actually do this while still keeping our workplaces, our schools, our places of worship and our healthcare systems open," Azar added.

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By: Floyd
12/10/2020 3:27 PM

And since the seasonal flu is at record lows this year, covid is now spreading like wildfire... what? wait a minute...

Greg MD

I see where you are headed with this, however, more people are wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding contact with others such as shaking hands and hugs. Not to mention the amount of hand sanitizer that people have used and the fact that we are all more conscious of what we come into contact with.

All of this leads to a reduction in transmitted illnesses, not just covid. So, yes, flu numbers are down, but not because of what you are going to continue to insinuate.

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By: Aliphatic
12/10/2020 4:58 PM

Hey bingy — are you ok?

I’m worried about you. Do you have proper PPE to get through the winter?

Stay safe friend, and please look into the reusable N95’s that I linked in my previous post.


By: obx bingy
12/10/2020 5:09 PM

YEPPER, we are in good shape. Do not worry we are well stocked with everything we need, even ready for the T.P. situation. Just about finished with the Christmas shopping all we have to do is bake cookies. It is going to be a different holiday situation but we done well with thanksgiving and will with the rest of the special occasions that are coming. Even cleaned the hot tub today. Hope you fair well also and MERRY CHRISTMAS. Thumbs up

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By: Aliphatic
12/10/2020 5:27 PM

Merry Christmas to you too, bingy.

And a very merry Christmas to everyone else, as well!


By: robluc
12/10/2020 5:54 PM

I would bet that this year nobody would be disappointed to receive a 12 pack of TP as one of their presents. The gift that everyone will use.

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