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Still building Treasure boxes.

By: Rick
2/21/2021 9:38 PM

I have stepped up my box designs by adding some tooled leather. Not quite finished yet, Need to add another pirate to the inside And might do one for the bottom And figure out a lid handle too.

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By: chief5130
2/22/2021 7:35 AM

Looking good. Nice mix of skills.


By: Rick
3/19/2021 5:08 PM

Something different.

I did the picture in tooled leather , painted it in acrylic and finished the background with leather die,, Made the frame for it then glued it into the frame. Then it was given a coating of clear coat epoxy. For some reason the leather die release from leather under the epoxy and created an interesting affect . It is hard to see but it is like a glass finish,

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