Not OBX But....

By: Bill
5/15/2022 7:14 PM

If anyone is coming to the OBX, take a side detour and fish in Delaware for a few hours before heading south.

We are getting hit hard since the Noreaster moved out with BIG BIG BIG Blues.

This was today south of Indian River Inlet. Drive on beaches were closed for close to a week, they reopened yesterday, and they did not disappoint.

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By: lowtide
5/16/2022 8:10 AM

Nice! Reminds me of the Hatteras blues of the 1970's.

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By: Mstaszew
5/16/2022 3:17 PM

I saw pics on Facebook of a few choppers caught on the OBX after the blow. I haven't seen blues like that down this way in ages.


By: Jighead
5/16/2022 6:54 PM

Nice fish Bill!


By: SwampDuck
5/17/2022 8:13 AM

Holding that thing like it may have one or two little teeth...... Wink smiley

Nice!!! They put up a great fight!

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