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Looking For An Albemarle Sound Conditions App

By: NCSU Dad
6/22/2022 11:24 AM

I'm getting back into boating on the Albemarle Sound and am looking for an app for my iPhone to give me ideally chop conditions, wind speed & direction.

The Marine Weather Forecast gives good information. I'd like to have a second source on my iPhone.



By: Jighead
6/22/2022 11:40 AM

Try the windalert app.


By: Laszlo
6/22/2022 12:41 PM

Check out Windy.com
Not sure if they have an App. That website has dam near everything

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By: Beach Farmer
6/22/2022 12:51 PM

Most sailors I know use Windy, good real time wind directions and velocity. ...and they DO have an app available. I have it on my phone.


By: Mstaszew
6/22/2022 1:32 PM

For kayaking I've used the NOAA marine forecast and Windy. If I'm going to be anywhere near Jennettes I use their conditions page. I've found Windy to be decent for real-time, but their forecasts, even just hours away, can be hit or miss. Being in a kayak I'm a bit more sensitive to a 5-10 mph variance than you'd be in a boat so maybe the Windy forecast is good 'nuff for boating.


By: targadave
6/23/2022 8:29 AM

I just wanted to say welcome to boating on the Albemarle! We’re going on 15 years now with a boat docked out back. However crowded the beaches and land based establishments are, being out on the water is always a completely different experience with almost no one around at all, and never ever a crowd. Fishing, crabbing, tubing, cruising to some favorite boat reachable restaurants, or just anchoring out by the community beach. You’ll quickly get used to the does and don’ts. Good luck!

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