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Hatteras Restaurants-EBay Gift Certificates

By: obxaddict
12/9/2003 8:15 AM

If anyone is interested, you can pick up some cheap Certificates for OBX Restaurants, but they are all for the south end of Hatteras Island. Go to Ebay main page, scroll down left column to Everything Else, Gifts, then gift certificates, left column-locations-pick NC, everything else blank, then search and you will see such places as Diamond Shoals,Pilot House,Austin Creek Grill, Froggy Dog and others. Make great holiday gifts, hope some folks are able to take advantage of these!


By: Belle1952
12/9/2003 8:10 PM

Thanks for the info. This afternoon I bought 4 $25.00 gift certificates for $4.00, Diamond Shoals, Pilot House, Froggy Dog, and Drum Runners.


By: seadog
12/9/2003 8:24 PM

I did this back in early September for our trip later in the month. Got $150 worth of certificates for $12. And, guess what, never got to use them because of Izzy. Our two weeks were cut to 5 days and we really didn't go out to eat. Bummer. They are good for a year so will be expired by the time I go this coming year in Sept. I need to give them to someone who is going down before then.
Hey Lance. Think you would like them? You guys are going in May, aren't you?