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Watch the Nourishment

By: Tim-OBX
6/29/2022 1:14 PM

This camera at Avalon pier is amazing. They are pumping sand under it right now.


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By: jdoc822
6/29/2022 1:32 PM

Very cool. Thanks for sharing Tim. The house we rented from Joe Lamb is about .8 of a mile from here. Banana


By: Tburg
6/29/2022 1:41 PM

Thank you,very cool


By: Rhaun
6/29/2022 3:22 PM

Cool. Does anyone have an idea of just how deep or extra feet of sand is being placed? As for the pier, will be interesting to see how they fill in under there.


By: NC Mtn Pirates
6/29/2022 4:48 PM

Wow...that's crazy! Thanks for posting it Tim!! OMG smiley


By: Bentmtn
6/29/2022 5:34 PM

That's neat! Thanks, Tim! Very interesting and I'm sure the people on the pier were entertained. I would have been.
I love watching all of the beach and pier cams when I'm not down there as well just to see what's happening! Especially Fishheads cam! And we like to watch the ones at the marina in Hatteras Village. Before I retired in 2019, I would pull up the cams during lunch break and watch and count down the days....