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Fish are Alive and Well

By: Pickle
4/9/2023 10:07 AM

Just a quick note on Boat Fishing. Both Oregon and Hatteras Inlet are starting the season with very good Tuna catches when you can get out. OI has more Yellowfin, than the very plentiful Blackfin down Hatteras. There is good Sound fishing for nice sized Trout. Some of this is way back. Drum have made a strong showing especially down Hatteras way. I also hear Kayaks are doing well. Our prime season is mid April through June. As a retired Charterboat Captain I have taken great pride over the years in fitting the right trip to each party's Make-up, Fishing Expectations and of course Budget. The Outer Banks has many Charter Boat Opportunities, boats come in all shapes and sizes. To get the best trip possible discuss your fishing expectations with the Captain. On line booking services are inferior to the first hand knowledge of the Captain. Remember, most advertising uses some generic words, Offshore, Nearshore, and Inshore. Before signing on do you want a Sound trip in a small guideboat which has little room or do you want a full sized boat with amenities. I would be happy to provide honest answers and opinions, just send me a Personal Message. Have fun out there and leave a fish for me.

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