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Fishing the Jug Handle

7/11/2023 3:12 PM

How is the fishing around the pilings of the Jug Handle bridge? Have stayed in the Frisco and Hatteras area in Oct. the last few trips but are looking at northern Rodanthe in late May of '24 and am curious about sound fishing with kayaks at that time. Also what can we expect to catch in the surf during that time? Thanks in advance for any info!


By: Alexy
7/11/2023 4:10 PM

Supposedly the sheepshead are decent on the south end pilings other than that I have not heard much about it.


By: Mstaszew
7/12/2023 8:56 AM

I fished around there last Summer and Fall. It was a little shallow even by sound standards, but perhaps that was the tide. I could get a kayak all around it without issue, but just on the inside of the bridge I was bottoming out the pedal drive which requires ~18". We were looking for Sheepshead, but didn't see any. I caught a small flounder, smaller than keeper size had the season been open.

In that area I prefer to be outside of the bridge towards the duck blinds. If you look off to the west while on the bridge you can see where the grass starts. The area against the bridge is sandy and largely void of anything to attract fish, but just 100-200' feet off that all changes. You can also see it on Google Maps satellite view. I've caught some decent trout and hooked what I assume was a slot drum there. The area to the south of the channel headed towards Hatteras Jack is decent, too.

IMO better fishing is to the south, but the boat ramp there is nice. If you have a cast net and want fresh finger mullet the deep water there by the ramp is absolutely loaded with them.

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By: Mstaszew
7/12/2023 9:02 AM

I saw you mention October and missed that you'd be there next May. I have no idea if the finger mullet will be around. It may be too early. I didn't see many this past May in the areas I fished. If we have another mild winter and if next May is like this May... get ready, trout fishing will be on fire!

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