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Ocracoke. What’s changed?

By: Plinko
8/7/2023 12:50 PM

Hi all, it’s been nearly ten years since we’ve been to Ocracoke. Before that, we went every year for about ten years straight. Loved the place.

Considering another visit.

Wondering if anyone could help with any insight on the current state? Ferries, restaurants, etc…anything would be helpful.



By: Tom in PA
8/7/2023 4:16 PM

The biggest "change" was Dorian, 2019. I will let others handle the other questions.


By: johnbt
8/8/2023 8:26 AM

The have street signs and most of the roads are paved. Just kidding, that was 20-some years ago.

The ferries are crowded. The beaches are fairly crowded. It was a wonderful 2 weeks, although I prefer the spring and fall. This trip included the kids and grandkids. My wife and I were there for two weeks just before the schools let out and of course things were a bit less crowded. We rented a boat and rode around the inlet before going shelling on Portsmouth Island. Portsmouth was not crowded. Saw a waterspout over the south point, but it went the other way.

Thursday night we had dinner at the Flying Melon and talked for a bit with the couple at the next table. They drove from VA Beach to Hatteras the day before and got a room. They were at the ferry terminal at 8 am. It took them 2.5 hours to get on a ferry.

There's a reason we use the Swan Quarter ferry every trip. Fwiw, the Swan Quarter ferry is located in Swanquarter NC.

The other night they had to bust up a bunch of youngsters drinking and being noisy in the Ocracoke School/Library parking lot on Back Rd. The one sedan at one point had both front doors open and the trunk and the music was heard for blocks around. There were a couple of trucks and a few golf carts too. The next morning there were crushed Busch cans, twisted tea cans and one very large broken glass bottle or jar.

There are a goodly number of privately owned golf carts with loud sound systems cruising the roads at 20 mph. Let me see if I have the pic of the cart with the big box mounted on the dash at face level. It was parked in front of the Variety Store one afternoon.

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By: johnbt
8/8/2023 8:34 AM

Oh, and the Variety Store installed numerous new coolers and freezers and is much, much more of a grocery now. Fresh fruit and vegetables including cantaloupe, pineapple, etc.
They even had some frozen Digiorno pizzas. No unsweetened black iced tea, so I drank Pepsi a few days.

The restaurants are open - the Jolly Roger is still hasn't reopened after Dorian - although some have limited days and hours. Sorella's is takeout only.

Prices are up just like anywhere else. Gas at the station was only $3.80.


By: johnbt
8/8/2023 8:53 AM

Here's the pic


By: JohnMosesBrowning
8/8/2023 4:57 PM

Lots of things are higher in the air.

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