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New splash pad in KDH

By: RAHohio
8/7/2023 5:17 PM

Nice splash pad opened in KDH recently.

Click to follow link...


By: Tim-OBX
8/7/2023 5:29 PM

I have been by it a couple times and it looks popular. My 3 yr grandson loves it there.


By: Bentmtn
8/7/2023 5:48 PM

My grands that live in Chicago have five of them within walking distance of their home. I visit them 3 to 4 times a year and my littles love them! We have a ball! Where were they when I had little kids??!!

Funny side note here: the parks near their home all have water fountains and are messed up as the water continually stays on. All of the residents have complained about it and called the city to fix them. They complain about the huge puddles and the fact that it is such a waste. Crazy! I hate waste.