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rental property available MP 6.5

By: Volly
8/20/2023 6:53 PM

I have a rental property that is available from October 1 through June 30th. MP 6.5 on the sound side, KDH. I'm looking to get 2100 a month. It is fully furnished and utilities included. I'd rather not go the AirBnB route for they simply take too much out and the amount they charge fluctuates wildly each month which isn't ideal. I'm in Mechanicsville VA so I can come down to show you the place beforehand if you are interested.

No smoking, no drugs, no pets. There will be a written rental agreement in place. The June 30th cutoff isn't negotiable either. My wife wants to use the house for July and August so that is the reason for the cutoff. If you are interested, you can text me at 8 zero 4 - three 38- seven one 18.