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Starlink pass tonight 7:53pm

By: Tim-OBX
9/7/2023 3:26 PM

I see there is a Startlink pass tonight. It will reach 60° going from W to SE.


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By: OceanBlue
9/8/2023 9:34 AM

Anyone catch this last night? We were watching but never saw anything...supposedly starting "low" (10 degrees) in the west, rising to 60ish degrees and exiting to the SE at 10.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Mr Tim? You see it?


By: lowtide
9/8/2023 9:42 AM

I saw Tim's post too late to catch it last night but a few nights ago saw the satellite train cruise over the Hatteras Ferry landing going east.....catching sight directly over head is favorable but every time is just mind boggling to me......of course, my mind boggles pretty easily nowadays.


By: Tim-OBX
9/8/2023 9:46 AM

It must not have been dark enough because the sky was clear. I saw the space station pass over after 8pm NW to SE almost overhead.


By: Fossilridge
9/8/2023 9:57 AM

We were at our place near the finger lakes in NY last weekend and it came straight above us while we were cooking pizza mountain pies at our fire pit. We weren't following Starlink as to when it would be visible, but what a great surprise for my youngest daughter who had never seen it. What a beautiful night, crystal clear, and it was backdropped by the Milky Way.


By: OceanBlue
9/8/2023 9:59 AM

but every time is just mind boggling to me......

Beyond boggling to me as well...every time.

We had the perfect vantage point last night...totally stoked to get "boggled'"...nada

Tim, you are prob right....not dark enough.