Glen Campbell

By: Beach Farmer
9/12/2023 6:18 PM

Although this won’t appear in any official biography of Campbell he was known as an active participant in the L.A. leather community


Have you been spank'in your Bill Shatner blow-up doll in the basement again? ...So much for New Year's resolutions I guess.

Beach Farmer

He's high on spike protein from his recent covid-ev shot.

Greg MD

Sounds like you two protest too much. Sound like your scene too


Mike , I know the Bill Shatner blow-up doll community is a lonely place and that you'd love some new recruits but it just doesn't do it for me bud. Why don't you change things up a little bit and see if you can get your hands on a limited edition TJ Hooker version!? ..I'm sure that old standard "Kirk" doll is on it's last legs. Either way you still get a man in uniform. It's a WIN-WIN situation! I'm not here to judge. I was just hoping to see you make it to 2024 without breaking your pledge. It looks like all bets are off now. anyway.... Theeth smiley

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