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Employment opportunities

By: Avalon
4/25/2024 4:56 PM

Anybody have a good lead on an entry level trades position near KDH. Applicant already has housing lined up. Any help or ideas very much appreciated.


By: craicncrabs
4/25/2024 6:42 PM

Beach Painting and construction has been advertising heavily that they're hiring. Offering training and sign on bonus.

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By: Tim-OBX
4/26/2024 10:52 AM

I saw on Facebook that Guy C Lee is looking for lumber yard workers and on fork lifts and said they would train them.


By: Avalon
4/27/2024 8:51 AM

Thanks, y'all! He'll try these next week. If anyone has any more leads please let me know.

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By: Ali2016
4/28/2024 4:55 PM

I’d check with any of the HVAC companies, they’re always looking for reliable help.


By: ezbuckwheat
4/28/2024 7:30 PM

All entry level trades positions are wide open on the Outer Banks. A good work ethic can overcome all obstacles Including affordable housing. All he/she has to do is show up and apply. Sleeping on the beach ain’t so bad for for a few nights.

Prosperity is available.

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By: Avalon
4/30/2024 10:14 AM

Yes, sir. Hired in a 1/2 day! Thanks everyone

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