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Northern Lights from OBX

By: Anniemimi
5/11/2024 7:50 AM

Anyone here in OBX see the northern lights? Will they be visible again tonight?

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5/11/2024 10:33 AM

It was cloudy overnight in Nags Head, so no lights here.

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By: Tim-OBX
5/11/2024 11:06 AM

Too cloudy last night with the rain. I saw it from Duck years ago. Duck had no light pollution like Kitty and KDH and Nags Head. It was something to see and I have never seen it again.

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By: KDHBreeze
5/11/2024 1:26 PM

Should be visible again tonight, if weather allows.

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By: kelly from ohio
5/12/2024 12:25 PM

My front yard in Ohio!

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