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Welcome to the Outer Banks Local Issues Forum

By: Will
8/22/2006 5:13 PM


Please use this message board to discuss anything and everything related to issues facing the Outer Banks. Even though the subject matter is wide open, this is still a moderated forum and rules do apply:

1. Be Nice!

2. Any personal attacks or profanity will be immediately removed.

3. Solicitation of any kind is prohibited.

4. Don't post personal contact information on this public forum.

5. Be Nice!

That's it. Have fun and feel free to discuss anything from Beach Nourishment to Summer traffic headaches.



By: JenC
8/26/2006 11:17 AM

Great idea Will ... and thanks for all the work you've put into it.

I'm not as directly affected as others about the issues facing the OBX, but I like to be well-informed about what's going on so that I can use my vacation dollars to the best of my ability when I'm there...

The variety of opinions here helps me form my own ...