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A few snappy answers

By: Kate
1/17/2007 2:22 PM

I was in the Express Lane at the store, quietly
> fuming. Completely
> ignoring the sign, the woman ahead of me had slipped
> into the check-out
> queue pushing a cart piled high with groceries.
> Imagine my delight
> when the cashier beckoned the woman to come forward,
> looked into the
> cart and asked sweetly, "So, which six items would
> you like to buy?"
> ****
> Because they had no reservations at a busy
> restaurant, my elderly
> neighbour and his wife were told there would be a
> 45-minute wait for a
> table. "Young man, we are both 90 years old," the
> husband said. "We
> may not have 45 minutes." They were seated
> immediately.
> ****
> All eyes were on the radiant bride as her father
> escorted her down the
> aisle. They reached the altar and the waiting groom;
> the bride kissed
> her father and placed something in his hand. The
> guests in the front
> pews responded with ripples of laughter. Even the
> priest smiled
> broadly. As her father gave her away in marriage,
> the bride gave him
> back his credit card.
> ****
> Women and cats will do as they please, and men and
> dogs should get used
> to the idea.
> ****
> Three friends from the local congregation were
> asked, "When you're in
> your casket, and friends and congregation members
> are mourning over you,
> what would you like them to say?" Artie said, "I
> would like them
> to say I was 'a wonderful husband, a fine spiritual
> leader, and a great
> family man.'" Merle commented, "I would like
> them to say I
> was 'a wonderful teacher and servant of God who made
> a huge difference
> in peoples lives.'" Don said, "I'd like them to
> say, 'Look! He's
> moving!'"


By: cscape
1/17/2007 4:30 PM

Kate.. loved the one about the grocery store....


By: ButterBall
12/16/2020 8:35 AM