Pick your poison

1/19/2007 12:34 PM

Who do you like this weekend?
I know it's not the smart thing to do but I'll take both road teams for an all "New" Super Bowl. New Thumbs up


By: tiberiuspop
1/19/2007 12:38 PM

colts/saints - manning & harrison are due for a big game. 2 best offenses in super bowl.


By: Kate
1/19/2007 12:52 PM

For this week-end
Rum and Coke


By: JimmyZ
1/19/2007 1:04 PM

I'll take the Colts and Saints. Colts to win it all. Manning will not be denied.


By: Robert
1/19/2007 3:27 PM

I would like to see Peyton win the big one, but believe Brady will be on and the Pats will win by 10.

The Saints are the team of destiny this year and will beat the Bears by 3.


By: TAK2007
1/20/2007 3:05 PM

I guess I will be the underdog here...

Da Bears!! and the Colts

Go Bears...Hope that snow gets here soon !

(But rum and Coke will definitely win in our house smiley)


By: Budman
1/20/2007 3:22 PM

As a Browns fan, I relate to the plight of the Saints. My heart wants them to win, but if I were a betting man, (which I am not) I would go for DA BEARRRRRS.

Manning is due. The Colts win by a field goal. (Bill probably let his kicker go because of diminishing skills, right Bernie?)


By: tiberiuspop
1/21/2007 10:40 PM

oh well, got one right. Wish the Saints had played like that last week against my Eagles.


1/22/2007 7:12 AM

Home field advantage did appear to play part in both games. Personally, I was a bit surprised how *easily* Da Bears won (not to disparage the Saints, but it just wasn't their day). The Pats/Colts game was the better of the two games... looks like the flu bug that bit a number of the Pats players during the week had impact.


By: tiberiuspop
1/22/2007 11:32 AM

congrats Tak - you hit the nail right on the head - weather and all