By: Kathy
9/15/2003 8:42 AM

When will evacuations start for vacationers?


By: Kimco...
9/15/2003 9:26 AM

I read on another board that Ocracoke is evacuating today (Monday). Haven't heard about any other areas. They have special circumstances, with the ferries being the only way out.


You can pretty much expect it to start Tuesday morning.
If you don't want to sit in a traffic jam, You might want to go today.

9/15/2003 9:37 AM

By: Kimco...
9/15/2003 2:59 PM

From the Dare County website:

Dare County Weather Alert Bulletins for
Hurricane Isabel

Bulletin Number: 1
Date/Time: 9/15/03 11:56:17 AM

Bulletin Text: Dare County continues to monitor Hurricane Isabel as it moves across the Atlantic Ocean toward the East Coast. The National Hurricane Center is providing frequent updates to Dare County officials and information is being provided to the Dare County Control Group, emergency services, hospitals, nursing homes, county departments and all agencies are taking protective actions at this time. The Dare County Control Group will meet at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 16 to evaluate the storm and make any necessary decisions. Hurricane Isabel is a very powerful, dangerous hurricane. Major flooding, beach erosion and property damage will result if the hurricane continues to move along the projected path and passes over the Outer Banks. Residents and visitors are encouraged to closely monitor the track of Hurricane Isabel and be prepared to leave the area if an evacuation order is issued by the Control Group. Additional information will be made available to the public as it becomes available. Those with internet access should refer to www.darenc.com for updated information.