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My hurricane update website

By: Kimco...
9/15/2003 8:53 PM

We have set up a page of our website with bits of info and a few pics to keep our buddies in the outside world informed on our view of Hurricane Isabel. Check it out. Bookmark it, cause we will be updating it over the next few days as events warrant. Today's pics are all lovely calm beach scenes!



By: Ohio Steve
9/15/2003 8:57 PM

Nice start, Kimco. I will be checking every day to get the first-hand news from a local point of view. Damn the internets a great thing!

Stay safe!


By: obxgrlinva
9/16/2003 6:36 AM

I will be looking at your website until Thursday around 12 PM, then our computers are going to be put on top of dressers and unplugged as we are leaving our house in case of flooding and if trees come down. I would rather be prepared than not to do anything at all. We live near Fredricksburg, VA and they are saying the track of Isabel looks like it will go up the I95 corridor that we live to the left of I95. We are boarding my son's cat and taking the dog with us. We will be riding it out in Manassas, VA in a hotel on ground level. We went to our local Walmart yesterday afternoon for supplies and the water that we buy every week was gone. We just got the Wallyword brand drinking water. We had some water at home but figured we would go ahead and buy some more along with supplies and rope to tie stuff down in our yard that we can't fit into our shed. We hope to finish packing up some personal stuff that cannot be replaced in zip lock bags in toters today and tomorrow. I am praying that Isabel doesn't strengthen as she moves into the Gulf waters.


I have family in Richmond, are they telling them to evacuate?


9/16/2003 1:26 PM

By: OBXBev
9/16/2003 1:51 PM

I live just outside of Richmond and we have not been told to evacuate. We are about 2 hours inland so I don't expect that we will evacuate. In fact, the news is reporting that coastal residents are seeking haven in Richmond & hotels are booking up fast.