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Who needs TWC or MSNBC or CNN or Fox.....

By: Robert
9/18/2003 12:03 AM

.....when we have Kim. No kiddin' Kim great entries in your daily log spiced with some outstanding photography. Thanks for letting those of us that love and respect OBX be part of what you are experiencing.

Be safe. Trust all goes well for you and your family and the other residents.


By: Kimco...
9/18/2003 6:49 AM

Complete with dramatic radar picture.



By: ALs
9/18/2003 7:41 AM

If you are out and about tho may want to run down to Hatteras and see if Sea View Lane is still high and Dry!


By: Ohio Steve
9/18/2003 7:43 AM

Excellent update, Kim! It is very cool to get a real account of the hurricane from someone right there. Those weather guys always hype it up too much.

Try to stay dry, Kim!


all day, waiting to hear that you are okay. I am praying the Lord will be merciful to you and yours. May His blessing be upon you.

9/18/2003 8:44 AM

Kim, haven't heard from you or roundhouse in awhile......are both of you ok?!?

Prayin hard for the locals!!

9/18/2003 9:50 AM