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advice for next week 09/28

By: Mark
9/19/2003 1:14 PM

I am sorry for everyones losses from isabella. I need some advice, were scheduled to come down for 09/28 week, don't want to hinder recovery efforts but need to know if to make alternate plans, i realize the dare site says water problems not sure how long it takes to resolve and even feasible to come down 09/28 or not, any help appreciated. long time obxer but never this close to h'cane before visit. were supposed to stay on Collington Island have not heard how that fared. thanks, wish all well, i just don't want to have to bother management company either as they will probably be busy also.


Wait a week and call your rental company to fine out what shape things are in at that time(this place is a mess) Collington or any place else near by that area did not flood on the sound side.
and its hard to believe we were that lucky. however the the entire sound was so dry you could walk to Manteo

9/19/2003 2:25 PM