Hotel Nags Header

11/11/2009 5:27 PM

Anyone have any information on the " old " Hotel Nags Header when it was run by the Culpepper family...many, many happy memories of the good old days...Thanks


By: hoi toide
11/11/2009 5:40 PM

"Hotel Nags Header, Nags Head. The three-story oceanfront hotel was built in 1935 at milepost 11. Every room had its own bath with hot and cold running water-amenities that made it luxurious for its day. A fire destroyed it in 1978."


By: judyk
11/11/2009 5:50 PM

TANFARM - go to the "search" feature at the top header.
type in:
nags header hotel

there are a coupla thread that come up with pics & a youtube vid


By: jim d
7/28/2015 10:34 AM

Hotel, owned by my great uncle George Culpepper,last time I was there was 1970 when I visited Clarence ( Georges son).We visited hotel many times in 1940s,50s,&60s. Trivia:distant relative Wink,Billy & Miles Davis. jim d