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Durant Sation Motel & Pelican's Roost Tackle

9/23/2003 8:11 PM

Durant Station doesn't have email on their site.
We have stayed there for 6 years. Concerned on How Judy and Brenda are that ran the place?
Also the Historical Durant Life Saving Station is it Gone??
Also the 2 brothers that ran the Pelican's Roost Tackle Shop. My husband has been going there for years and wonder how the owners are?
Is Durant Station planning on rebuilding?
We have no way to contact the above people and we just hope that are okay.
Outer Banks is our home away from home and we are concerned with everyone there.
Also, does anyone know where we can volunteer to help in any way we can??? Building, clean up etc.
Bob & Deb Freeburn from PA.


Dear Bob and Deb,
Durant Station and the Pelican's Roost sustained heavy damage and will have to be rebuilt. Pictures of the damage to The Village are available at the www.HatterasHarbor.com site. It is very bad in Hatteras Village. Travel is possible to the village if you have property there. No vehicles are allowed in yet.
Thank you for your concern. Our beloved friends in Hatteras need our prayers and our support.
Sincerely Yours,
Pete and Linda Farster

9/24/2003 9:11 AM