Hey Steve B.

By: Shelly
9/24/2003 5:43 PM

You may not catch my prior post cause it's way down the page on an older thread. I know you are probably very busy and you probably have a million more important things to do, but I noticed you have posted some info about Rodanthe in prior posts. If you are in the area and have time could you check out the oceanfront of Beulah O'Neal Drive. In particular, a house named Imagination. It's oceanfront on the left side of the road looking towards the ocean. Any help would be appreciated. Don't go out of your way, just thought if you were in the area. Thanks!


Hi Shelly.
I'm sorry I didn't see your other post.
I finished up what I was doing down there today. I will be working in Duck the next few days.
If something comes up down there after I finish in Duck, I'll gladly check it out for you and let you know.

9/24/2003 6:51 PM

By: Shelly
9/24/2003 7:11 PM

Thanks! You seem to be one hell of a nice person.