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Ads from the Surfside News

By: maslin
8/11/2010 8:57 PM

My coworker Holly brought in a Surfside News from 1976 the other day. Nevermind how much has changed, I was impressed with how many people and businesses are still around! Here are a few of my favorites. I'll post more if anyone is interested... [ATTACH]19686[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]19688[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]19689[/ATTACH]

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By: jeffloveobx
8/14/2010 2:45 AM

these are great! this was around the time frame my folks started going to the outer banks.


By: Jim
8/18/2010 10:26 PM

More please! Love to have some of those old Surfside News.... Thanks!


By: maslin
2/1/2013 2:37 PM

Hey I was looking for one of these images and realized everything but the first was deleted when the forum switched to new software. So here is a link to all teh old pics from the Surfside News:


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By: nicki
2/1/2013 9:49 PM

Thanks so much for sharing these! I loved the Southern Shores and Duck sales pitches. And the house in KDH..can you imagine? $40,500 for a 3 br with lot included?! Boy I wish!


By: missobx
2/5/2013 11:25 AM

Thanks for posting. Love the Pebble Beach one and many others!


By: MARi
2/9/2013 11:30 AM

Love it! I've got some Surfside News books packed away around here somewhere. Please do post more! Such sweet memories!


By: Quack27949
2/12/2013 3:56 PM

Thanks for posting! I enjoyed those.


By: Snowshoe
3/10/2013 4:21 PM

Thank you so much for all the jolts to my memory. Great old ads. And, yes, that was Tanya Young's old Ocean House Motel.

The Jolly Roger ad is great. When my video helped catch a rapist on the OBX, Jolly Roger gave our whole family a free dinner of our choice. So nice of the owner to do that. She even offered a limo, but we drove.

Thanks again.