obx lover

By: LA in PA
9/27/2003 12:49 PM

As a long time "visitor" to the OBX, let me start by saying thanks to all those who have filed reports on damage & the general conditions of the area. We appreciate all the info you have given. Steve, Kimko, Cos you all have my gratitude. I WILL be coming down on 9-28, tried to delay the trip, BUT the realtors have informed us that our house was undamaged, and since the county has opened the area, insurance wont cover us if we cancel. Asked if we could delay by a week but was told to try to file a claim & re-reserve our house (if possible). I have been coming down to the area since the only bar in town was the "hurricane" (ironic isnt it?). I will stay out of everyones way & try to help if asked. Wish I had the ability to just stay home, but can't just give up a weeks rent du to financial reasons. I think the locals and county & realtors assoc. should have a meeting to all be on the same page for any future disasters that may/will probably occur down there. Have friends that live in the area, and family who are as concerned as I am. Wishing you all well.