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A-not/Waterspout on 6/28/00

By: obxgrlinva
9/27/2003 2:02 PM

This was the waterspout that we saw, although we did not take this picture. I found this picture on another website. It was in the late afternoon around 4 PM on June 28, 2000. We were at Whalebone Seafood when it was coming across the sound toward 158. We were staying at MP 18.5 at one of the Viking Court houses.


By: A-not
9/27/2003 8:13 PM

The one we saw was later that same week out over the ocean. We stay at MP17.7 the house that sit's way out on the beach. There had been a thunderstorm rolling through and it looked like it was out past the Outer Banks Pier. If I can find the pic I'll scan it and post it!!! We didn't realize what is was till we got our pics back from the developer!!