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restarants on Hatteras

By: Mayberry Guy
10/3/2003 12:51 PM

Can anyone tell me if all of the restarants on Hatteras island survived Isabel? Would like to know about the Tiki, Dirty Dick's and Diamond Shoals in Buxton in particular. Also, are the authorities allowing anyone near the new inlet below Frisco?


By: obxgrlinva
10/3/2003 1:25 PM

Channel Bass?


By: seadog
10/3/2003 11:57 PM

Diamond Shoals lost their sign but the restaurant was packed for breakfast this morning and a lot of cars in there for dinner. I think the Channel Bass is down past the golf course, and that is where the roadblock is. When we came in Monday it looked like Dirty Dicks in Avon was open. Most of the restaurants are open. Haven't seen any action at the Pilot House and Soundside the times we have driven by but those are closed half the time anyway. They are still not letting anyone but residents and workers down past the golf course in Frisco. They are still working down there to get power and water to Hatteras village.


By: Lynn
10/6/2003 1:20 AM

Just left Salvo on Friday. Looked like the Tiki was closed for the season after it hosted a benefit for Hatteras Village folks earlier in the week.

Dirty Dick's was open, but I didn't drive by Diamond Shoals. I would expect it to be open. Thankfully, damage in that area was minimal.