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Centennial Celebration

By: Local Wannabe
10/3/2003 5:17 PM

We'll be down in 76 days, our second trip of the year. We got our five-day passes the other day for the First Flight party and I have a few questions since I've never been down during the winter.

First, how cold does it get down there? I'm from Erie, PA, right on the lake. Up here, 25 degrees is balmy and three feet of snow is a dusting. So we're wondering how much of the winter clothes arsenal we should bring.

Second, I know that a lot of restaurants, shops, etc., are seasonal. Will they be opening for that week for the celebration or not? I've never eaten at Owens' or Sam and Omies, but I want to. I'm assuming that they're seasonal, but I wasn't sure.

I'm sorry if I appear dense, but all you guys and gals are pretty in-the-know, so I figured I couldn't go wrong asking!


I can tell you , being from NJ, that you may very well be able to go barefoot on the beach. Wading is probable; swimming possible for someone from Erie. I was down in late Jan. a few years back- Had the top down on my Miata, walked as above on the beach, and wore Tees and tanks during the middle of the day... PARADISE!! Cousins who live in Avon yearly inform us of their barefoot walks on the beach on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. Hopefully you will be the lucky ones-- HAVE FUN!! THOSE OF US STUCK HERE SALUTE YOU!!

10/4/2003 9:17 AM

By: Solak
10/6/2003 3:26 AM

I've seen it as warm as 80 on the 17th, and have also seen it snowing or so cold the H S Band couldnt play the brass instruments. You can pretty much guess upper 50's low 60's during the day, though. Most of the seasonal businesses will probably remain open til about the 20th, especially in light of the hurricane and losing that income 3 weeks ago. S&O's is open all year ;)