Canopies,Part 1

By: Whaler9818
9/25/2014 4:08 PM

Due to the limitation of the number of characters allowed to be posted at one time, and the length of this message I will be splitting it into 2 parts, this is Part 1 of 2.
No, I am not a local, but I have been coming to OBX since 1976, and an owner since 1987 to present.
I become a pseudo local between Sept and June most years.
Before losing an Ocean Front in SNH due to a Nor’easter 15 years ago, I would encourage the 'OBX guest' to leave their beach furniture in front of our cottage knowing the drudgery of transporting it to and from the beach .
I am not here to ruffle feathers, which I know I will, but merely to state my thoughts and opinions regarding the ‘ CANOPY’ thing.
I know that I will get lot of 'push back' and 'flag that message' as a result of my opinion by the same folks that this message is addressing, you know who you are.
With that said, there are many, many, members whose contributions are reasonably and quite helpful, you know who you are.
It seems that when anybody is contrary or of a different opinion to the wishes of some of the member of this board, that subject takes on its own personality .
Seems there is more interest in Canopies, than a truly more important issues such as the issue ‘Surfpainter” has brought to our attention, that being the development of the area that a is located at the north of at Swan beach at MP 17.

Let's discuss the forbidden canopy issue.
I agree canopies should be removed from the beach prior to any wind or storm events, and at the conclusion of their vacation. I also believe that any holes that are on the beach at night are indeed a hazard and should be filled by the folks who dug them, prior to leaving the beach that day. Seems there is little discussion about the ‘hole’ issue.
This canopy issue is powered by a few locals, and a handful of out of town visitors. This group of OBC members continue to post over and over in/on the same thread, or start multi threads only to repeat what they have already posted, perhaps should they say it ‘once and done’.

Someone discussed a vigilante group that would 'take care of canopies that are left up overnight’,
that called stealing, or destruction of property, that is breaking the law.
I personally would pursue criminal prosecution against those who would do that.

Leaving open canopies over night is in the most part 'not a stake my claim issue', rather a logistics problem.
OBX guest with small children, the elderly, and those who need addition protection from the sun( Skin Cancer) bring beach furniture for their comfort, this includes beach chairs, blanket, coolers, umbrellas, and yes, canopies
Sometime they have a lengthy walk to the beach, example, those who rent, between highway or use the public ramps scattered throughout Nagshead. To this group of OBX guest carrying beach furniture to and from the beach is, at best an inconvenience
Some have expressed, that canopies are a danger to those who walk the beach at night, my question to you is,
How many of y’all been over to the beach behind Jockeys Ridge with your children or grand children when the ‘kite boarders’ arrive? They, the ‘ kite boarders’ make playing on the beach basically NOT SAFE, they have no regard for anybody who may be using this beach..
This issue was discussed last summer, I understand NagsHead and/or NPS set parameter as to where they could launch, which was a couple of hundred feet north from where the children and OBX locals and guest park their beach furniture and play in the water.
The ‘Kite boarders ‘ pay no attention to any limits set forth by Nagshead and/or NPS, this causes a dangerous situation to the point where most folks, including myself leave the small sound beach in fear for their children safety.
Now then, why don’t the ‘ Canopy complainers’ get behind this issue, where a real danger exist.

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