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A.E.Sadler Cottages in Nags Head

By: laurabodin
6/24/2015 8:18 AM

Any information or pictures on what happened to the cottages? Our family stayed there every year starting in 1967 when I was four. LOVE IT!!!


By: Free Bird
6/27/2015 4:27 PM

There is a vintage outer banks site on facebook and the outer banks history center has a couple of postcards. If you google A E Sadler Nags Head ans check images there are a couple of postcards. My copy paste is broken so I can't do it for you.

I wish a local or regular here could tell you what became of them. I stayed in a cottage court in 1976 but don't recall the name or really the exact location.

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By: MARi
6/28/2015 10:24 AM

Here's a pic in happier times before mcmansions blighted the landscape. Enjoy!

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By: laurabodin
6/29/2015 4:28 PM

Thanks for the replies! I am trying to dig up pictures via my Mom & Dad. Best, Laura


By: Fishinbum
7/2/2015 4:35 PM

The cottages were relocated to Roanoke Island and Kill Devil Hills.In KDH,one is located on Swan St and another on Sixth Ave.


By: Dperg
4/21/2016 11:50 AM

"Here's a pic in happier times before mcmansions blighted the landscape"

someone probably said the same thing about that arrow marquee when it went up.

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By: mtnbiker66
8/20/2017 8:13 PM

Just joining - I was talking about these cottages with someone at church today. They were run by my aunt and uncle, Budgie and Anna Sadler. Aunt Anna is my mother's older sister. I remember going there at early as '69 when my dad and grandfather, driving back from a job in Hatteras, hit and killed a pheasant. Lots of feather plucking ensued.