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Sales Tax Redistribution passes Senate

By: obxmini
8/14/2015 8:04 AM

From the Island Free Press on 8/11/15

"The North Carolina Senate today passed House Bill 117, the "N.C. Competes" economic development legislation that includes a scaled back plan to redistribute sales tax revenue.
The plan, even in its scaled back version, would take more than $4 million in revenue from Dare County and has motivated local officials to mount a fierce campaign to stop it.

...To make the process easier, Dare County has created a group e-mail that will distribute correspondence to all 118 House members. It is nchouse@darenc.com.

...The 50-50 scenario would reduce sales tax coming back to Dare County and local municipalities by 24 percent. For that county that amount equals about $4.6 million...."

I wondered what residents felt/feel about this bill. I've been reading articles about it for a while...and either on the Island Free Press or the OBX Voice, I've seen quite a few comments - predominately against this redistribution.

Any thoughts?

Here is a link to the latest OBX Voice article as well: Click to follow link...