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Sobering article: "The Hidden Epidemic" of poverty

By: obxmini
11/5/2015 8:16 AM

Just read this thanks to an intro and link in the Island Free Press to the first in a series by Catherine Kozak in The Outer Banks Sentinel.

Not trying to be negative on a predominately upbeat message board, rather hoping to let the many tourists become more aware of some of the less discussed realities of living on the OBX for some.

"Officially, Dare County is one of the richest in North Carolina. Our tourism-based economy last year raked in $1.2 billion from visitors, behind only mega-wealthy Mecklenburg and Wake counties. Our real estate is valued in the billions and we sent about $90 million combined in state and local tax receipts to Raleigh in 2014.

But Dare County, and its residents, are by no means immune to economic distress. In 2013, the last year for which data are available, about 20 percent of Dare’s children lived in poverty. Of our year-round population of roughly 35,000 people, about 3,000 of them fell below the poverty rate. According to March 2015 numbers, 8,365 people requested public assistance for needs that included housing, food, child care, transportation and utility costs.

And the percentage of poor people in Dare County has grown steadily. In 1989, the rate of children under 18 in poverty was 8.3 percent, less than half of what it is today. According to NC Child, during the 2007-2008 recession, 26 percent of Dare’s school children qualified for the free or reduced lunch program. In June 2015, nearly half — 43 percent — of Dare’s students qualified, with the highest percentages in Manteo and Hatteras Island schools."


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By: kejoga
11/6/2015 12:46 PM

A LOT more migrant workers are here now. The article does not mention anything about that but I believe there's a correlation.

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By: vanative
11/7/2015 4:54 PM

...you might want to be more concerned about poverty that is closer to home...you can make a difference in your neighborhood... USA Flag ...


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By: obxmini
11/8/2015 9:04 AM

Believe me, I'm very aware of poverty closer to home here in the NE.

I posted this here because it's about the OBX and so many on this site are not local and may not always think about the reality behind the vacation world most of us are familiar with.

Clearly, poverty is around "the corner" in the USA in many places.

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By: PaulOinMA
11/9/2015 2:40 PM

My wife and I deliver meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas through Amvets in the neighboring town. The poverty essentially right around the corner and the way people live that are nearby was quite a revelation.


By: Robert
11/9/2015 4:52 PM

...you might want to be more concerned about poverty that is closer to home...you can make a difference in your neighborhood... USA Flag ...

Believe obxmini was just posting this due to its relevance as to what this board is all about.

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